The initial fee to register only needs to be paid only once, which can be viewed in the Parent Information link on the "join our unit" page. After that, there is a yearly registration fee of $50 due in August, and 2 other events that are mandatory for all Young Marines each year that each usually range between $30-50. We also require monthly dues of $5 per YM to help pay for required supplies to run the program. Everything else that we do requiring a fee is optional, and have various fees ranging from $5-hundreds depending on the activity or trip. We try to spread the events out that cost a fee throughout the year so it does not turn into a financial hardship for Young Marines wanting to attend all of these events. Most of the time we limit these kind of events to less than one a month. Other fees that may come up is the cost to replace a lost uniform item or if a uniform becomes outgrown or faded or damaged.